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Inclusive Centre Activities




   To enhance higher order thinking in the graduation pursuing students and to make them individually responsible citizens APCCE, a higher educational organization of Andhra Pradesh introduced the concept of Inclusive center in all Government degree colleges. In obedience to the guidelines and instruction of authorities KRK government Degree College has established college level inclusive center. It has been working under the able administration of Sri V. Rama Krishna, Lecturer in Chemistry.

It consists of the following sub centers:

1. Legal Club

  Students are given the knowledge of legal rights, responsibilities, different legal issues, how to face them at individual level, awaring others, solving student level legal problems etc.

2. Anti-Human Trafficking Club

Students are given awareness of human trafficking and how to curb it by this club, with this knowledge they will enable the community to learn about safe migration, safe working conditions, good-bad touch, good parenting, family planning, education, women empowerment.Students visit NGOs, who are working on children rights, shelter homes, juvenile homes, students are motivated to increase literacy rate in the surrounding regions.

3. Human Relations Club

  Human relations include analysis of human behavior, resolution of behavioural problems, self-development. The club aims at decreasing prejudice and discrimination in the students and promoting religious, cultural, ethical awareness in the college.

4. Counseling Club

The club aims at providing career guidance and psychological counselling for capacity building of the students so that they can courageously face real life challenges at various levels of their lives. This club also helps the students to resolve emotional and psychological issues.

5. Entrepreneurial Club

Students develop entrepreneurial skills by this club functions. This club aims at to transform students into future business leaders. So it provides an ambience to ventilate student’s ideas, opinions and to experiment with them by starting small-scale-in house-business and making them to earn income and to meet their own and family needs.

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